Slackers will save the world.

You can now save the planet by doing the simplest thing on earth. Eating.

Sustainability doesn't have to be hard work. It can be as effortless as enjoying a good meal.

Download the app (easy so far, right?)
Purchase your favourite food (did we mention we've got discounts?)
Collect and enjoy. You just helped save the world.

We throw away one third of all the food we produce globally.

That's bad. Really bad. Snakes-on-a-plane bad. Fancy reading more terrifying facts? Don't say we didn't warn you.Food Waste Facts

Are you getting the genius in all this yet?

  1. Food waste is such a big problem. If we solve it, we change the world
  2. We all have to eat, so even the biggest slackers can get on board
  3. Eat with Karma, and save the world.

We're only just getting started. But we've already made a difference.

tonnes of food rescued

meals saved

tonnes of CO2 saved

“ Elsa who's working in Sweden, to make this the first zero food waste generation”

- Barack ObamaFormer USA President

Awarded “Startup of the Year” with our 9,200 partners & 1,400,000 users

Let's put our collective mouth to work, and create the least ambitious climate movement the world has ever seen.

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