Food has an expiry date,
our planet shouldn’t.

The food industry is unsustainable in its attitudes towards waste. Karma is changing this whilst helping to turn surplus into a business opportunity.

The $1.2 trillion food waste problem

One third of all food produced is thrown away annually, resulting in 1.3 billion tonnes of waste worldwide. It’s one of the largest climate and economic issues facing our planet creating a massive business opportunity.


In fact, if food waste was a country, it would be the 3rd biggest CO2 emission contributing country in the world.

About food waste

The solution

What if we ate the problem? What if we connect surplus food from retailers to consumers for a lower price? As a result, users eat great food for less and businesses receive an additional revenue stream — all while together reducing food waste.


The app, Karma, is a food rescue app that allows retailers to sell their surplus food to consumers at a lower price - instead of having great food go to waste.

Karma is founded

The solution came to life and Karma was founded and built, a Swedish startup founded in Stockholm, November 2016, by Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, Elsa Bernadotte, Ludvig Berling and Mattis Larsson.

Karma is growing

New and smart technology solves the hardest problems. This platform can help eradicate food waste. Do you want to join our karmazing team?

UK expansion

Karma entered the UK, with a new London office team

The Karma fridge is born

Electrolux and Karma made it easier for retailers to manage and hand out their food waste

France expansion

Karma entered France, with a new Paris office team

“People like Elsa are creating the first zero food waste generation”

Endorsed by the Obama Foundation & President Obama during Berlin Speech

One third of
all food is wasted.
We’re changing


tonnes of food rescued


meals saved


tonnes of CO2 saved

Creating the first zero food waste generation

together with our awesome partners, buyers and sellers

app users



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