Sell your surplus items on Karma to keep your shelves filled

Display your full sortiment, without food waste

Before Karma

Displaying a variety of bakeries and bread is great for sales and promoting your store, but is also the main cause of food waste.

After Karma

Karma lets you keep the win, without the risk of having to throw food away. Turn waste into a new customer with with full-price up-sell. Your shelfs are still filled, promoting your store.

New value per year: €740.000
€0 investment

1000 new customers monthly
Free marketing valued €720.000
New yearly revenue €21,000
70% of your uploaded items sell out in hours

Trusted by some of the best brands

Uses Karma to launch new sites
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Millions in additional sales + up-sell by Karma
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Uses Karma to launch new sites
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Built to predict, reduce and sell waste

Add your inventory to Karma and allow us to auto upload surplus for you, on your open days

Karma is created to ease waste management, cut handling times, automate and cover all reporting needs. You can either use Karma manually, or allow Karma to automate the process for you.

When you sign up, you'll get a simplified version of Karma that automates sales for you

How it works

We send customers to your restaurant, they pick up as take-away, you become sustainable

When a customer makes an order, you will be notified and know beforehand exactly how many customers will enter your restaurant and at what time. You decide when you want Karma customers to pick up their take-away orders.

Predict your waste to reduce it
Stats and insights on your food waste
Monthly specified payouts and sale reports

We know your needs and we serve all of them automatically. What we also do, is making sure to give you the insights you need, so that you also can work with preventing waste. We have the data for that.

“The Karma app facilitates our job of counteracting waste. It is a simple tool, both for our staff and for our customers.”

- Michel MouradCEO, Bröd & Salt

It’s simple.
But we do get these FAQs

You can cancel at any time
Keep 75% of all sales
Get paid monthly
Gain additional insights on your customers
Monitor several stores in the same Karma account
Use your existing waste tracker to send items directly to Karma