Eliminate food waste in the wholesale value chain

Your 5% waste is handled by us, through simple integration. No more telesales needed to sell out.

Before Karma

External sales teams are manually calling existing customers, one by one, loosing you both money and time.

After Karma

Your waste is automatically uploaded and sold on Karma. No waste handling time, 0 waste and reaching 10,000 customers. Allowing sales to focus on premium accounts instead.

Eliminate foodwaste at a €0 cost, no man hours needed

Reduce carbon footprint
No telesales needed = €0 cost
Karma handles everything
Pressreleases and free marketing

Trusted by some of the best brands

86% of items on Karma sells in minutes
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200 kg rescued during first two months
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Turned food waste problem into a profit
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ICA Liljeholmen: Rescuer of the year 2018
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84% of items on Karma sells in minutes
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Push notifications to users nearby = Free marketing and new customers
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+30,000 new customers yearly
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Uses Karma to launch new sites
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Millions in additional sales + up-sell by Karma
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Uses Karma to launch new sites
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Built to reduce waste at no cost

Integrate to Karma and allow us to automatically upload your surplus inventory for you, where you reach thousands of customers

Karma is created to ease waste management, cut handling times, automate and cover all reporting needs. Integration to Karma system allows you to automatically upload items with short expiry date to Karmas portal and customers.

Purchases and deliveries follow your ordinary routines, we are basically just forwarding you sales.

Go one step further?
Sell your surplus directly to consumers

The Karma fridge distributes your surplus in high density city areas, allowing end consumers to buy directly from you. This way you increases the chances to reach zero waste. Read more and sign up to the closed beta:
The Karma fridge for wholesale to consumer --->

Predict your waste to reduce it
Stats and insights on your food waste
Monthly specified payouts and sale reports

We know your needs and we serve all of them automatically. What we also do, is making sure to give you the insights you need, so that you also can work with preventing waste. We have the data for that.

“EAT supports and encourages companies like Karma that create innovative ways for people and businesses to ensure healthy food is produced and consumed — and reduce waste and losses along the supply chain.”

- Gunhild StordalenFounder & President, EAT Foundation

It’s simple.
But we do get these FAQs

Flexible to when you have waste
Keep 75% of all sales
Get invoiced monthly
Gain additional insights on your customers
How to get started?
How to start?
Let us sell your wholesale food waste from our existing fridges, placed in public venues in Stockholm

Do you have an office, co-working space or public venue? Great! With a Karma fridge at your venue your employees and visitors get an easy way to rescue unsold food from our wholesale partners.